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We are a local and family owned food processing business with 30 years’ experience dealing in fresh cut and value added meat products, fresh soups, sauces and prepared meals.


Our History

  1. First Company in Australia to Produce Case Ready Meat January 02, 1986

    David Beak founded Beak & Johnston in 1986 bringing four generations worth of knowledge in the meat industry to Australia from all over the world.

  2. Bringing New Innovation to Market September 03, 1990

    We were the first company in Australia to launch the slow cooked ribs and roasts for retail and commercial sale.

  3. Mr Beak's Brand Expands into New Retail Categories October 01, 1995

    Beak and Johnston launches Mr Beak's ribs, rissoles, meatballs and schnitzels into the Australian retail market.

  4. Mr Beak's Brand Continues Exansion into New Product Categories February 07, 2000

    Beak and Johnston developed flattened lamb and beef roasts within the Mr Beaks brand. This was a first to market innovation in Australia. 

    Beak and Johnston becomes the first company in Australia to launch fresh retail soups under the Mr Beaks brand.



  5. The Burger Evolves May 06, 2002

    Beak and Johnston launch the first Aussie burger. This was the first value added burger available in the meat case throughout Australia.

  6. Leading the Way in Distribution Innovation January 01, 2005

    Through the implementation of the ACCUSORT system, Beak and Johnston has become a leading manufacturer in Australia with the capability of direct to store distribution.

  7. The Journey With a La Carte Meats Begins September 18, 2006

    Beak and Johnston purchased 50% of A La Carte Meats located in Morningside, Brisbane.

    This partnership has provided the company greater reach within the industry, particularly in the export market.

  8. The Sausage is Re-born February 01, 2010

    Beak and Johnston launches a new range of high quality, retail sausages under the Mr Beak's brand.

  9. Expansion into Organic Meats October 04, 2010

    Beak and Johnston purchases 50% of Cleavers Organic Meat Company. This in turn expanded our reach throughout the Australian market.

  10. Mr Beak's Ute Hits the Road December 31, 2010

    Mr Beaks Ute was purchased with a specifically fitted BBQ! Making an appearance at many local BBQ events in and around the community.

  11. Beak and Johnston Acquires Commissary Food Company January 31, 2011

    The Commissary Food Company relocated from Matraville in Sydney to merge completely into Beak & Johnston located in Greenacre Sydney.

  12. Beak and Johnston Acquires Pitango Organic Soups March 04, 2013

    Beak and Johnston acquires Pitango Organic Soups business and relocated across the water to Manukau, Auckland, New Zealand.

  13. Brand New Site Unveiled - City Kitchen June 08, 2015

    Beak and Johnston developed and commissioned a new site in Arndell Park, with the new name City Kitchen. This site is dedicated to producing fresh, ready meals.


  14. Arcadian Organic & Natural Meat Co August 03, 2015

    Beak & Johnston increased the shareholdings with Arcadian Organic & Natural Meat Co

  15. The Official Opening of City Kitchen February 09, 2017

    On Thursday, 9th February Woolworths CEO Brad Banducci Officially Opened City Kitchen. This is a great outcome for solidifying the partnership between Woolworths and Beak & Johnston. It also invigorates the support for ready meals and opens new opportunities for future products.

  16. B&J and Woolworths Partnership December 04, 2017

    B&J and Woolworths formally became partners of B&J City Kitchen PTY in December 2017. This partnership has been built on a 30 year relationship where we worked with Woolworths on building their meat and convenience categories. Both businesses see this as a exciting opportunity in meeting consumers needs and maintaining market leadership on convenient, nutritious and healthy food!


"Supplier of Choice Improving Everyday Lives with Inspiring Food"

Maximising a breadth of capabilities to deliver Product Range and Quality

Excelence in Supply & Cost

Ensuring Service and supporting growth plans through a lowest cost model

End-to-End Integration

Evolving IT and Distribution from support services to a competitive advantage


Harnessing global and local insights to deliver product and process innovation against the commercial plans



  • 4th generation meat industry management in Europe, South America and Australia. Founder of Beak and Johnston 28 years ago.
  • Passionate leader of innovation through collaboration.


David Beak

Executive Chairman

  • 17 years leadership across convenience and meat sector in UK.
  • Passionate about delivering excellence through people.

Ray Hanly

Group CEO

  • 20+ years of  experience within FMCG in UK and Australia, achieving step change improvements in performance through development and delivery of commercially competitive strategies

Richard Bettes

City Kitchen Site Director

  • 20+ years experience in FMCG and retail meat processing and value-adding.
  • Passionate about innovation for new ideas that deliver competitive advantage.

Andy Machin

Greenacre Site Director

  • Capability development in retail case-ready and Aerospace.
  • Integrity, honesty, creativity – supporting others to succeed.

Larissa Tilley-Smith

Human Resource Director

  • 13 years UK technical management experience within chilled high risk prepared meals & dips
  • Driven to achieve manufacturing excellence through Technical leadership and Operational deliverance 

Gerrit Pool

Group Technical Manager

  • FMCG sales, category and marketing expert with 15+ years retail and foodservice experience.
  • Specialist in building trusted partnerships to deliver insight led strategic growth plans.

Shannon O’Connell

Commercial Director

  • +20 years in the Food & Beverage industry
  • Passionate about supporting entrepreneurial businesses focussed on innovation and growth, as well as developing finance team capability.
  • Keen interest in developing systems and utilising technology to help grow the business.

Simon Miks

Group Chief Financial Officer

  • 15+ years Brand Management and Innovation experience within FMCG across NZ, AU and UK markets.
  • Passionate about translating insights to create consumer value.

Mary Boulton

Pitango General Manager

  • Founder and visionary of the Simmone Logue Fine food company 
  • 25 years of pushing the boundaries of innovation in the food industry.

Simmone Logue

Managing Director


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